What is your pursuit for ?

Do you have a game plan?

What is the one thing you want to see change?

Are you accountable?

Take each one of these areas and write down one goal to go after in . Make it a priority and watch the difference!

Looking ahead to ?

Begin spending time in your journal seeking God’s leadership in the next 6 months!



Glen Dry has coached men to levels of personal achievement they have never seen before and wants to help you do the same. He shares his personal life game plan for your review and also for use as a template to begin your adventure to becoming all you were designed to be! This is not about perfection or success. It is about setting out on a pursuit of excellence in your profession and personal life.

Glen Dry has been on this journey of goal planning and accountability for over 18 years and has seen first hand the incredible results of those who have challenged him professionally and personally.

If you would like to meet with Glen call 361.572.9604 to set up an appointment with him. Blessings on your road to excellence!

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